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There are many moving parts when you decide to rent out your investment property. So, to help you we created this Owner Centre. Within, you can find quick links below to manage your listing, change your booking preferences, and submit requests to us.  You will also find how channel commissions work, how we do our monthly billing, and how payments and payouts are managed.

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What's on my invoice?

After each calendar month, you will receive an invoice with your management fees, as well as the cleaning fee and channel fee flow-through expenses.

I would like to see a breakdown of the information

A detailed statement of reservations can be viewed in your personalized Google Drive link, which can be found in the footer of each invoice. The totals from the statement are then pulled through to your invoice.

How do fees get billed?

You are billed for each check-in that occurred in the previous month. So, if you have someone check in for two months, this fee will be charged in the month they check in. However, for invoices that include multiple-month reservations, the due date is after the long-term guest checks out.

When are invoice payments due?

Payments are due on or before the 15th of each month. We appreciate the timely payment of your invoice.  Late penalties may be issued.

You can pay by credit card (transaction fees do apply), or e-transfer, and from October 2022 you can pay by direct debit.

When a guest books, who gets the reservation payment?

Soon, as we transition to FantasticStay.  All reservation payments will come to us. Allowing us to seamlessly deal with all guest taxes, cancellations, refunds, and relocations.  You will receive the net payout after our fees have been deducted.  

When do I get the reservation payout?

Within 15 days of the end of each month.

Channel Commissions

These fees are commissions that are paid to the booking platform in return for bookings.  We mark up the nightly rates sold on these platforms. Effectively, they are paid for by the guest.

How can I pay you?

We have a couple of different ways in which you can pay us:

  • Direct Debit
  • Interac e transfer: please send your payments to accounts@beyondbnb.ca please include your invoice number in the notes.
  • Credit card payments can be enabled by request, for a 3% processing fee.

It is expected that payments will be made on or before the due date.

We reserve the right to assess late payment penalties and/or redirect future reservation revenue to pay unpaid bills.

When you go beyond Airbnb with us, the way that channel commissions work, varies depending on the platform in question. The channel fee is included in the nightly rates.

But don't worry, we charge our management fee on the nightly rate before the channel commission.

Fully Hosted: ideal for owners who rarely use their property, and require pro-active monitoring.

  • 25% Management fee on net nightly rate
  • 75% Owner keeps the rest
  • $0 Linen rental
  • $0 Basic Maintenance
  • $0 Bulbs and Batteries 
  • 100% Cleaning fees and channel commissions are covered by the guest

Co-Hosted: best for owners who are on their property regularly.

  • 18% Management fee on net nightly rate
  • 82% Owner keeps the rest
  • $$ Linen rental is charged for
  • $$ Basic maintenance is charged for
  • 100% Cleaning fees and channel commissions are covered by the guest

Host Assist: best for owners who want to do most of the work, but need a helping hand.

  • 15% Management fee on net nightly rate
  • 85% Owner keeps the rest
  • $$ Linen rental is charged for
  • $$ Basic maintenance is charged for
  • $$ guest support call-outs is charged for
  • 100% Cleaning fees and channel commissions are covered by the guest

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in basic maintenance?
This service is part of our Fully Hosted plan only

Basic maintenance includes things like:

  • Changing light bulbs without a ladder
  • Basic bulbs and batteries (including standard 60w, AA, and AAA batteries.)
  • Tightening loose screws
  • Clearing slow drains
  • Initial troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Co-ordinating professionals


How does it work if I want to stay at my property?
It's your property, stay as often as you want

You can block out dates for personal use at any time by logging into beyondbnb.fsapp.io.

A departure clean and restocking service will be scheduled automatically after 10 AM the day after the last night you have blocked on the calendar.  Please notify us in advance of your stay if you do not require these services. If you require a mid-stay clean (including laundry change) we can provide this service to you at the regular cleaning rate.

You will be charged the same cleaning fee as your guests would pay. As well as a nominal restocking fee for use of guest amenities.  If you wish to opt-out of any of these services, please submit a request for service

Where can I see a detailed breakdown of my monthly invoice?
Transparency is important to us

Each owner has their own unique Google Drive link. Data for all reservations is added at the end of every month. There is also a yearly overview sheet. We hope that with all the reporting at your fingertips, you feel in complete control of your rental property while working with us.

Is subscription to the linen rental program mandatory?
A good nights sleep helps with reviews!

Yes, our laundry service providers do not process/clean third party linens. All our linens and towels are of hotel quality, and washed in industrial machines.

Don't forget, that with our fully hosted 25% plan linen rental is included!

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