Pick The Plan That’s Right For You.

Month to Month FREE Bonuses* Annual
Complete Control
Turnover and Laundry*
Guest Amenities
Managed Shark Vacuum
Local Emergency On-Call**
Optional Maintenance**
* Monthly Linen Rental Required
*3 months FREE Linen Rental **Fixed Rate
Complete Control +
Everything under Co-Host, plus:
24/7 Guest Reception
Dynamic Pricing
Listing Management
Channel Distribution
Basic Bulbs and Batteries
No Charge Emergency Call-Out
Basic Maintenance
Licensing and Tax Support
Bi-Annual 'State of Unit' Report
Smarthome Management
* Monthly Linen Rental Required
* 6 Months Linen Rental and Pro Photos
Fixed Income
Completely Hands Off
Everything under Host, plus:
Fixed Income
Easy Tax Filing
Rental Insurance
* Monthly Linen Rental Required
* FREE Linen Rental Subject to Agreement

All Plans Include:

Free Onboarding
Cancel Anytime Policy
24/7 Support
Owner Dashboard

No Surprises Fine Print:

* Turnover and laundry is paid for by guest cleaning fee

* % Fee is charged on nightly rate and cleaning fee

* Annual plans require minimum 325 rentable nights

* Free Linen Rental is provided as a rebate at the end of each year of service.

* Bi-annual deep clean service is mandatory